Annick Lopez


About Annick

Canadian of Mexican origin, Annick Lopez grew up on the South Shore and lived in the West Island for many years. A resident of Hudson today, she now has a deep knowledge of Montreal’s neighbourhoods.

Her family has owned the famous El Meson Restaurant, a pillar of Mexican cuisine in Montreal, for over 30 years. Having grown up in this environment, she discovered a real passion for people. Working in the restaurant business for over 20 years, Annick has worked her way up through the ranks and has held several management positions. In order to deepen her knowledge in this field, she has studied management and has managed to geatly develop her communication and negotiation skills.

With her management background in hand, Annick decided to develop her hidden passion for interior design and began studying in the field. It was at this time that she discovered another interest, real estate. Now, Annick wishes to reconcile her two passions and offer the best of both worlds to her clients.

As a mother of two wonderful children, she listens carefully and understands the real needs of families. As such, she understands that choosing a safe environment for a family to thrive in is essential. She will take care of her clients’ interests.

Annick has always assumed her responsibilities with professionalism, enthusiasm and competence. Calm, smiling and above all a good listener, she will accompany you in each of your steps, in order to make your experience memorable and pleasant.