Demetrios Marinakis


6100, Avenue Monkland Montreal,
Qc, H4A 1H4

Tel: +1 514-481-0241
Fax: +1-855-947-4757

award award

About Demetrios

Demetrios Marinakis brings over 12 years of real estate experience along with his enthusiasm and strong integrity. His outgoing personality and his business acumen have made him a much relied upon and admired fair play negotiator for buyers and sellers.

At a very young age Demetrios recognized the greater value of property and his financial keenness led him to owning and operating businesses and restaurants throughout the city of Montreal. Understanding the value that people place on their home as more than a financial decision, he balances quality of life and fiscal responsibility when he works with his clients to buy or sell.

Demetrios is a proud family man and very involved in his community, you can place your trust in him to understand your needs, place your interest first and go through every step of the transaction with you and even after the ‘deal is done’. As a professional, he is always up-to-date on all regulations and any changes within the industry that best protect your interest.