John Simpson


6100, Avenue Monkland Montreal,
Qc, H4A 1H4

Tel: +1 514-481-0241
Fax: +1-855-947-4757

About John

Originally from Nova Scotia, John Simpson has lived coast to coast, including Halifax, Montreal, Whistler and Vancouver – with stops in Calgary and Toronto. He understands the challenges and rewards of settling into a new community and uses his personal experience to guide his clients through their relocation process.

With over 30 years in sales and marketing requiring seasoned negotiation skills, he has earned several accolades for the way he engages with each client on a personal level and how he always promotes their best interests. John is especially skilled at troubleshooting under pressure – at finding solutions when none appear obvious.

Buying your first home or downsizing into a condo – John offers you his skills of analysis, market conditions, financial implications, lifestyle demands to match you with your optimal home.  His vast network of professionals ensures that all the right resources and his knowledge guide you to through the home buying and selling process.

John is also an experienced renovator and offers a different perspective when looking at properties – seeing things others may overlook. As the former president of 92-unit townhouse complex, and current owner of a 1928 duplex in NDG that has been brought up to industry standards, his practical experience provides re-assurance that his client has chosen the right broker.

An avid hockey memorabilia collector, John is also a long-time golfer, tennis and soccer player and can be seen riding his Harley Davidson to his favorite NDG spots. Most importantly, John is a dedicated husband and father.