Stéphanie De Grâce


4000 Boul. St-Jean, Suite 2000, DDO,
Qc, H9G 1X1

Tel: +1 514-684-1141
Fax: +1-855-947-4757

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About Stéphanie

As a top producer, Stéphanie brings home impressive achievement awards year after year. Whether selling a property in a competitive market or pinpointing the ideal home for her clients Stephanie always succeeds. She knows her products inside out so there’s no guesswork involved when she’s at the helm of a real estate transaction. Integrity, perseverance as well as a strong work ethic is what’s to be expected of her. An expert at evaluating land, buildings, houses and condos, Stéphanie applies several appraisal methods to determine the actual value of the property one seeks so that they can make an informed decision about how to price their home or what to offer for their future acquisition. Stéphanie is a wealth of knowledge that any buyer or seller should seek to benefit from.

With their combined experience and invaluable skill sets, Steven and Stéphanie bring to the table an unparalleled ability to get the job done.


Stéphanie has proven results in new construction sales over the past 9 years. She is known for finishing what she has started, in that she has worked on projects from their pre-launch point to their final sales and delivery. Her dedication, management skills, extensive knowledge in new construction and ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs of today’s buyers, makes her your number one choice as a sales lead and director.


Fun fact: Stéphanie is a nature lover and has a hobby-sized beekeeping operation on her own property!

Stéphanie's Testimonials

Our real-estate agent, Stephanie DeGrace, showed the utmost professional curtesy, experience and down-right friendly attitude. It was solely because of her excellent attributes and qualities that the purchase of our first home was a great success. From organizing qualified home-inspectors, plumbers, contractors, to negotiating the best deal for our firm dates, she excelled and provided beyond our expectations. She is most certainly a valuable asset to your team and I have nothing but the highest respect and appreciation for her services. We cannot thank her enough! Thanks Steph!

Robert & Sarah

Stephanie DeGrace is a wonderful Real Estate Agent. She helped us find our Dream home! It took awhile to find it but Stephanie was patient and listened to our needs and encouraged us along the way. Once the home was found, she helped us find the right Notary and was available to answer all our questions (there were many). We highly recommended her for her professionalism and down to earth approach.

Silvana Perrone

I have had the pleasure of purchasing 2 homes with Stephanie as my broker. She is patient and will answer any questions you have. There is very little she WON'T do to help a client. Every step of the way, she is there to help and guide you with the client always being her priority. I would highly recommend her based on her honesty and hard working spirit.

Jessica Read