Mitzi Sala Green

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à propos de Mitzi Sala

Real Estate is a “people” oriented business and in Mitzi’s 19 years in the business she has focused on listening to her clients and to ensuring that she understands what they are truly looking for and how it relates to their lifestyle.  Then working with them to meet those needs.

With her understanding of negotiations, she endeavors to take the stress out of the entire process to ensure a successful transaction.  Having been involved in both simple and complicated transactions, Mitzi ensures that the lines of communication are open and clear to avoid misunderstandings.  Her experience ensures that all steps in the transaction are completed.

Mitzi began her career in the Textile Industry in the Southern United States, shortly afterward she was transferred to Canada and then moved to the Telecommunication Industry in R&D.  She finished her career as Manager of Environmental Protection Health and Safety for her multi-national company.   Throughout her career she was focused on providing management value and information to make good decisions.  She continued that focus when she began her Real Estate career.

Mitzi goes above and beyond for her clients and is knowledgeable about both the real estate market but also the communities she serves.  She is an advisor and can be called upon for real estate questions or if you are looking for a good dog groomer… she has connections to the neighbourhoods.