Aline Zafirian


6100, Avenue Monkland Montreal,
Qc, H4A 1H4

Tel: +1 514-481-0241
Fax: +1-855-947-4757

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About Aline

Passionate about building the “Dream life” for herself and her clients Aline Zafirian is committed to increasing her clients’ net worth through real estate. She is a dedicated entrepreneur who focuses much of her efforts on commercial and investment properties.

Aline’s extensive B2B sales and “C” level strategic relationships gives her an extraordinary advantage in the real estate and business community. With a proven track-record over the last 15 years in a wide-range of industries she is very well positioned to fully understand her commercial clients’ challenges and needs and to bring tremendous value to their business goals.

Following a very successful career amongst the top corporations in Canada, Aline chose to obtain her Commercial Real Estate designation from the Collège Immobilier du Québec.

With a Bachelor of Commerce from HEC Montreal, Aline offers all the skills and understanding of the investment world to her clients, investors and real estate partners. Her acute professionalism, strong interpersonal skills and team work proficiencies are key in driving loyalty amongst her clients throughout the years. She elevates results by being an insightful advisor to her clients.

During her corporate career Aline has received best in class sales training. Her relationship building and negotiating skills are like no other and are her strongest assets. Aline is a natural “connector” who finds every possible opportunity to connect people through her very vast network. By connecting the right people she creates value and helps others achieve their goals and move towards their dreams