Real Estate Sales Tips

From our experts

Our team of experienced brokers knows the value of the properties in your area and, using comprehensive comparatives studies, will help you set an attractive and competitive price for your house.

We will then establish a marketing strategy for your house, condo or duplex so that it can stand out from other properties on the market and be noticed by the greatest possible number of qualified buyers.

We will handle the many facets involved in selling your house. We will advise you of the best way to prepare your house for the market, rather than just putting it up for sale. To help you in this approach, we can put you in contact with our network of suppliers of reliable and efficient services – expert plumbers, painters, electricians, bricklayers and general contractors.

With experience totalling more than 500 years, our brokers are experts in every step of the sales process, and they will advise you on your rights, your choices and your obligations. This will provide for a simple transaction, with the least possible stress. By using a professional, you avoid falling into traps.


Dealing with Royal LePage means dealing with a solid, well capitalized company of global scope.

Throughout the last 20 years, Royal LePage has experienced unprecedented growth in the Canadian real estate industry, and it handles about 25% of the market.

Royal Lepage is part of Brookfield, a conglomerate with over $150 billion in assets under management. In the real estate field, Brookfield blankets North America, with more than 80,000 agents and brokers. Its real estate network includes the Royal LePage, Johnson & Daniels, Prudential and Via Capitale banners.


Your protection against latent defects, delays, withdrawals and special assessments that offers:

  • There are no premiums charged to you as this insurance is paid for by your participating Royal LePage broker. See the brochure. Securing the transaction process of the property.
  • Prevention from potential latent defect disputes between the buyer and the seller once the transaction has closed.
  • Support to you during the legal process in the event of a dispute regarding latent defects.

In 2013, Royal LePage celebrated 100 years in the Canadian real estate field, which it has revolutionized on various occasions in the past century. Integrity, innovation and sustained effort are the values that have driven us since our early days, and they still drive us today.

The Seller’s Guide

The Seller’s Guide is handy quick reference document that contain a whole range of relevant information on the road towards selling a residential property with a real estate broker.