Dale Newton

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About Dale

As one of the founding partners of Groupe Newton, alongside her parents Nancy and Sr. Ernest Newton, and her sisters, Deborah and JaniceDale has avidly applied her real estate brokerage skills for more than 26 enthusiastic years.

Before opting for a career in real estate, Dale completed a degree in history and literature at Concordia University. Her keen interest in diverse cultures prompted her to travel the world, gleaning a wellspring of information which enhances her interpersonal client relations. This valuable asset enables her to empathetically respond to the aspirations of Montreal’s multiple cultural communities.

Essentially, Dale’s primary objective is to provide personalized real estate services which will surpass her clients’ expectations. As such, her ultimate goal is to create a memorable real estate transaction experience for both buyers and sellers alike. Her genuine interest in human nature and her compassionate communicative skills endear her to her clients who are known for their steadfast loyalty over the years.

Through sports, Dale also welcomes the opportunity to push the boundaries of her existing track record. An ardent downhill skier and tennis player, Dale is an active member of the Monkland Tennis Club where her expertise in real estate is readily shared.

Energetic, active and high-spirited, Dale always welcomes a new challenge.