Elvis Denis Tzanetakos


About Elvis Denis

Elvis Tzanetakos, a man with a head for Finance, graduated from Concordia with a B. Commerce along with his Hospitality degree. He was quickly hired at Scotiabank, where for 8 years he handled large accounts and received many accolades as a top performer, a star for his clients as well as Scotiabank. His career path took him to managing properties and reviewing property investment. That’s when he knew that he could combine his formal education, his experiences and his passion to best use by helping clients to fairly and happily transition to their new home or location.

Being community minded and trilingual (English, French and Greek) Elvis has participated in many humane causes to improve the lives of those around him. His straight forward and analytic mind will always take his clients best interest as the primary motivator to assist them through their next real estate transaction.

And he believes in paying it forward – with every house he transacts he plants a tree for the good of everyone’s future.