Gwenaëlle Auceps

About Gwenaëlle

Meet Gwenaëlle Auceps, a driven residential real estate broker who constantly seeks fresh challenges.
Born in Haiti and having lived in France before settling in Montreal, Canada, Gwenaëlle brings a unique blend of diverse social and professional backgrounds to her life’s journey.  From working as a beneficiary attendant in healthcare to starting her first hair care business at the age of 19, she has ventured into various business endeavors like Mary Kay, Amazon Seller, Turo, and more.

Gwenaëlle is no stranger to the benefits and challenges of moving from one home to another. Fluent in English, French, and Creole, she possesses excellent language skills.
Gwenaëlle has found her true passion in the world of real estate. Her unwavering commitment to helping people, regardless of the circumstances, reflects her core mission.

With a strong work ethic and genuine enthusiasm for her profession, Gwenaëlle exemplifies loyalty and respect as values ingrained in her character.
Dedicated and persistent, she refuses to accept “no” as an answer. Once she sets her mind on a goal, there is no other option but to achieve it.