Luciana Bisegna


6100, Avenue Monkland Montreal,
Qc, H4A 1H4

Tel: +1 514-481-0241
Fax: +1-855-947-4757

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About Luciana

Meet Lucy, a born Montrealer. Her in-depth-knowledge of the city, her ability to skillfully zig-zag through streets and her fluency in French, English and Italian make her a great asset to work with.

Lucy has tremendous people skills. Her presence makes you feel instantly at ease and in good hands. Her love for her work translates over and over again into satisfied clients; people who have relied on her experience, knowledge and wisdom have referred her to friends and family members, the real measure of customer satisfaction.

“My personal mission is to bring dignity and professionalism to real estate so I strive to be accountable at all times. It is important that I earn the trust of my client and it is this trust that I most value. Once I have this trust, I put myself in my client’s shoes and I act accordingly.”

Education is also a great passion for Lucy and this is why she dedicates herself to teaching and mentoring brokers who are new to the business.

Lucy has found homes and sold homes for a great many people over the past 15 years. As a child she would rescues stray animals and find them shelter. Whether it is building outside shelters, or finding permanent loving homes, Lucy believes there is a house for every living creature.