Michael Dermer


6100, Avenue Monkland Montreal,
Qc, H4A 1H4

Tel: +1 514-481-0241
Fax: +1-855-947-4757


About Michael

Before founding MassMagna, Michael accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate sector and distinguished himself as a top-ranking performer for a reputed international brokerage firm.

In transaction volume, his contributions amount to more than $1 billion, positioning him among the leaders in the Canadian market. In addition to the financial objectives, Michael believes that it is the way you achieve them that matters, and that’s why he offers nothing less than excellent service to every one of MassMagna’s investors. 

Loving husband for over 17 years and devoted father of two boys, Michael believes in finding the right balance in all spheres of his life.