Michel Amar

About Michel

Mike Amar is a deal maker!  With over 20 years of commercial leasing he knows the critical factors to assess the value of all properties, residential or commercial, to achieve the optimal goal for his clients. Mike uses his skills to evaluate location, foot traffic, accessibility, market and housing trends and upcoming urban planning.

Each attribute figures greatly in determining the potential revenue or future investment value – all this on the behalf of his clients.

His education, MBA & CFA put him in the perfect position to discern the ratio of current value and potential revenue. With his profound skills as a financial analyst and his past experience in retail commercial leasing – Mike is your solid deal maker.

The strength in working with Mike Amar in any real estate transaction is that he is a deep believer of delivering on his promises to his clients, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.  His integrity and his sense of responsibility make him the best advocate for your real estate aspirations.

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