Nancy J. Newton

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About Nancy J.

As the youngest Newton family member, Nancy J. as worked alongside her sisters Deborah, Dale and Janice for more than 20 years. The namesake of her mother, Nancy Newton, she has inherited the latter’s altruistic propensity for always having at heart her clients’ best interests.

Trained as a registered nurse, Nancy J. switched her career path in 1995 to join Groupe Newton. This proved an auspicious choice, as she closed her first sale on the very same day that she received her real estate broker’s license!

Her twelve years as a nurse in the oncology department of the Royal Victoria Hospital account for her boundless patience and compassion for others. These two qualities enable Nancy J. to devote all the time required to fully appreciate the specific needs of each client. Her major asset is the ability to minimize stress in the course of the sale or purchase of a property — especially when this involves a senior client.

The appreciation expressed by her many loyal clients testifies to the effectiveness of the services rendered by Nancy J., a truly devoted professional. Her fervor stems from the pleasure she derives from accompanying families as they make one of the most life-altering decisions of their life: buying or selling a home.

A snippet of personal trivia: Nancy J. is a dog-lover – and can often be spotted in NDG walking her beloved labradoodle, Sammy!