Nat Goodridge

award award

About Nat

Nat Goodridge, with over 35 years of real estate experience in Montreal and the West Island has the heart and soul of a dedicated and honest broker that has satisfied his clients beyond their expectations. His dedication to each client, to work for their best interests – always – is supplemented by his depth of experience and continuous and on-going education in his metis. He can be counted on to know the latest laws and regulations, to ensure that each transaction is smoothly and efficiently handled, removing the stress and worries of each of his clients.

Over the course of his career, Nat has achieved high skills whether you’re a seller, buyer, lessee, lessor or investor. Nat uses his analytic skills to analyze market conditions, create realistic comparative market analysis which makes him an outstanding negotiator, working diligently in the best interest of each client.

Satisfied clients turn to Nat for their real estate needs and gladly refer him to their family and friends whether they are looking for their first home, recreational or investment properties. Nat can be relied upon to invest his time and knowledge on each client, to carefully listen to their investment/financial goals and seek the best solution to fulfill their desired lifestyle.

His personal service guarantee is based on dedication, hard work, devotion and enhanced with a network of professionals that encompass every step of the real estate transaction is evident from the first conversation to the last step of signature. You can count on Nat to “know” and to be there long after the business is concluded.