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About Olimpia

A house is not just where you live – it is your home, the canvas of your life.

Changing homes is an exciting and important step – it’s an emotional moment that bridges your memories and the next chapter of your life. You need the best information and a cool head to make the right decision and then help you proceed into your new lifestyle.

Olimpia Alexander has over 20 years of work experience in social services and journalism in Europe and Canada. She has always been passionate about architecture and design, and developed a keen eye for excellent deals with great aesthetics. Her background as a social worker brings a deep sense of calm and attention to the other, while her experience as a TV journalist allows her to cut through the noise, and find all the information you need to make an informed decision.

In a whirlwind of options and sea of information, you need an oasis of peace and the most up to date, comprehensive information to help you decide. Olimpia is qualified not only to professionally guide you through the real estate process but, most importantly, to understand and deal with all your feelings – you and your unique needs are at the heart of each step. Relentlessly resourceful and with a clear eye, Olimpia has a unique view knowing it’s more than property, it’s the basis for your home life – schools, parks, transport, community and more.

You can entrust and rely on Olimpia to use her professional know-how and personal experiences to guide you step by step, building a long-term relationship on a solid foundation.

Olimpia's Testimonials

Less than 1 year ago I had the good fortune of asking for Olimpia's expertise as my Real Estate Agent. I asked Olimpia to take charge and sell my house. She staged it, had it photographed, marketed the property - and in a short period closed the sale with ease at the price we wanted. Since then, Olimpia has completed two more transactions as my agent - I wouldn't think of using anyone else!!

Irwin Rapkin

Amazing to work with Olimpia on a project. She’s very patiente. Thank you. I recommend

Alexandru Sorin

Olimpia is a dedicated real estate professional who wants to do the best job possible representing her clients.

Gail Long