Paul Samuel Cornett

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About Paul

Paul Cornett was born and raised in a semi-basement apartment in Rosemont, Montreal. Having attended French language elementary and secondary schools, he earned his bachelor’s degree in 2000 from McGill University having double majored in German and Hispanic studies, graduating cum laude.  After having traveled throughout Europe using the Eurail pass, he took up an English teaching opportunity in Trier, Germany for the following school year.  He would there meet his future wife Susanne.  Not really knowing how to swing a hammer and presuming it was a prerequisite for manhood, Paul decided to volunteer through the AmeriCorps program with Habitat for Humanity in Miami, Florida from August 2001-June 2002.

Having discovered a passion for real estate and being self-employed, Paul obtained his real estate agent license in May 2003 and his chartered real estate broker license in 2007.  He has had a small real estate team since 2009 selling both residential and commercial buildings.  Paul’s passion includes poetry writing, the Lord of the Rings, gardening and going on camping trips as a family, and much to his embarrassment, he still enjoys watching Seinfeld.

To beat the odds and actually survive the first years in real estate, Paul and his wife who was on a tourist visa, were janitors in an apartment building on the Plateau and used Communauto instead of car leasing. They bought their first income property within 18 months of having started in the business.  Paul and Susi have been raising their six children in the same home since 2007, they own investment properties as well as agricultural acreage.  Paul has maintained a firm belief that real estate is not only a wealth builder and generator, but also a real story maker for the people who call it home.

Paul 's Testimonials

I've been fortunate to have Paul Cornett as my real estate agent since 2004. What sets Paul apart is his commitment to honesty, integrity, and crafting win-win transactions. His approach isn't about flashy advertising but about relentless daily prospecting and genuine market connections. Not only does he prioritize client satisfaction to the utmost degree, but he also works tirelessly to nurture strong relationships. If you're seeking an agent with a deep connection to the market and a genuine care for his clients, Paul Cornett is the name to trust.

Jeremy Paul

I could’t be happier that I chose to work with Paul when it came time to sell my home. He is an absolute pro, has good knowledge of the market and does his research, and has a wonderful and responsive team. He was communicative, easy to reach and available throughout the sale process. And when it came time to close the sale, his negotiation skills got me a great price, and his diplomacy skills left everyone feeling like they came out winning. Nearly 2 years later, Paul still calls to check in once in a while, which is a testament to how much he cares about his clients. Thank you!

Catherine Savard