Jean-Christophe Berthiaume


About Jean-Christophe

Jean Christophe Berthiaume has been working in real estate since 2000. He works more specifically in the sectors of NDG, Westmount, Pointe Claire, Lachine, Verdun, Griffintown and St Henri.
He studied at Jean de Brébeuf College and at the University of Montreal and held several different jobs at a younger age and worked in different countries (Europe as a hockey player and Western Canada in production). Entrepreneur and business owner JC has personally invested in the real estate market. He believes that versatility is an asset in life in general and real estate in particular.

The conclusion of a real estate transaction is a complex process that requires several assets. A good listener, a sometimes pleasant personality or sometimes more firm in negotiation according to the psychological profile of the protagonists and the turn of events of the transaction. A good real estate broker must both know the market trends (growing or declining sectors) to advise his clients and be able to support him throughout the process of the real estate transaction (financing, inspection, contractor, real estate management, real estate law, civil code, etc …) In a complex real estate market today, it is important to choose a broker.

Jean Christophe Berthiaume is always available for any questions from his clients and can be found in his office of Notre Dâme de Grâce at 6100 Monkland Avenue.

Real estate is an exciting and vibrant area; do not hesitate to contact him to make the right real estate transaction!