Krysta Gledhow


About Krysta

Krysta started off her real estate career by working with first time home buyers, and helping them find a home to start their journey. She realized that transactions were difficult for the seller (power of attorney and successions), but wanted to work with these sellers in hard times, and make the process as easy as possible for them.

Krysta then transitioned into working with investors who were looking to do flips with the right properties along with investors looking for income properties.

Throughout the years Krysta developed a strong bond with the commercial real estate world. She naturally developed skills to fit the criteria of everything that is required for the extraordinary world of Commercial Real Estate. By working with builders, investors and private contractors for over 15 years turned her into a natural mind reader for all commercial expectations. Her personality traits of being punctual, organized and detail-oriented help her excel in the commercial field