Krysta Gledhow

award award

About Krysta

Krysta, a powerhouse of real estate knowledge and sensibilities is your diligent and meticulous residential real estate broker. Her training and experience prior to becoming a broker, always on the edge of the real estate sector, BA Interior Decoration, Residential & Commercial Drafting. This education was put to use in Customized Cabinetry Design firm, and Government Agencies for electrical and mechanical systems as well as Electrical Contractor.

Completely at ease in both residential and commercial materials, structure and aesthetics Krysta has a discerning eye that provides her clients a thorough assessment of the value of each property. With her insight and guidance she is qualified to find the “rough gem” that can be transformed into perfect diamond that suits her clients’ needs and desired lifestyle. First time home buyers as well as seasoned buyers can rely on Krysta’s strengths for their new home or investment properties.

Thinking of selling your home? Krysta applies that very same knowledge to the benefit of her clients to negotiate the very best financial outcome for each transaction.

Krysta’s soft spoken communication skills are strengthened by her ability to thoughtfully listen to her clients – understand their desired objectives and to counsel them to a position of strength. She knows that a well-informed client is a happy client and thus ensures that stress is minimized by relaying updates, clarifying the legal and financial implications of each document. Her network of professionals is extensive, providing her clients 3600 care at all times.

Born and bred Montreal-er, Krysta settled in the west island with her family – following her community and sportive spirit. She is no stranger to relocating and empathises with her clients, knowing well the pain and gain of each move.

Clear-headed, strong negotiator and kind, Krysta will see you through your move with honesty and integrity.