Ronald Francis

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About Ronald

As a long time West Island resident, Ron Francis’ Real Estate business has extended as far as the Eastern Townships, simply because of personal and business contacts, who, feel confident by his handling of any buying or selling situation.

A consistent award winning broker, his patience and laid back approach gives clients an air of confidence. Never a sales person, but, a professional real estate consultant who is there through every step of the transaction. The goal always, is, make it a stress-less and pleasurable experience.

Understanding the market, the client makes every negotiation different, Ron uses his intuitive skills to best counsel his client for a happy, stress-free, seamless conclusion.

No matter the type of property, first home, condo, recreational home, investment property – Ron is diligent from beginning to end.

His wide array of contacts from his previous profession has helped him grow his clientele to be lifelong customers. Clients continue to call upon Ron for his sound advice and continuously refer him to others knowing that he always provides a high level of attention and business acumen.

Would I recommend Ron to a friend or relative? Absolutely, he has thorough market experience and temperament to deal rationally with all Real Estate scenarios. The nature of his business is repeat clients, or, personal referrals from people who have complete confidence in his service.

Ronald's Testimonials

Ron and Ben were very prepared to answer all of my questions. Every step was explained thoroughly and their suggestions made the process a lot easier than I expected. On more than one occasion, they went out of their way to help me through the stressful parts of the sale. I would recommend them to anyone who is searching for a real estate agent.

John O

Ben is one of the most honest and dedicated people I've had the pleasure to know. His expertise as a real estate agent combined with these traits make him a rare professional to work with. He has helped us through multiple real estate transactions, I highly, highly recommend his services along with Ron.

Karolina A

Honest, knowledgeable and patient are the three words we would use to describe the team of Ron and Ben. They helped us every step of the way during our search and made sure we found the right house for our family. My wife and I highly recommend the team of Ron and Ben MTL for all your real estate needs.

Wesley R.

Ben and Ron drove out to the house where they showed me statistics of houses for sale in the area. They were very well prepared to answer all of my questions and offered up suggestions on how to proceed in selling the house. At no point did they put any pressure on me to use their service; in fact, I wanted to sign with them immediately. Every step was explained thoroughly and their suggestions made the process a lot easier than I expected. Before you knew it, a professional photographer had taken pictures of the house, Ben had put up a sign, and the house was up online ready for purchase. Within a few days, we had an open house. It took about two weeks of offers and counter-offers, inspections, pyrite tests, before we were off to the notary to seal the deal. All through this time, Ben was always professional and very respectful. On more than one occasion, he went out of his way to help me through the stressful parts of this experience. I don't know of any other agent that would have done this. Ben got the job done, and he put in the miles to do it. I would recommend Ben to anyone who is searching for a real estate agent.

John O

Ben is an excellent realtor! He did more than what was expected of him. He was there to help us in preparing the house for the sale. My dad's house had to be completely emptied. My sister and I were overwhelmed with the amount of work and we live out of town. In our absence, he came and helped clean out the backyard. It was very appreciated. A very king and professional realtor. I highly recommend doing business with him and his partner Ron!

Steven Roy Cullen

Benjamin is a find! He's for real,,,tells the truth, helpful ,on your side,answers without conditions and much more,he IS a rare perle.

Rick Denon